Every generation of leaders is facing its unique sort of challenges in its business context. It is their responsibility to adapt to the resulting changes. At Broger Management Services, we purpose to support organisations in creating sustainable prosperity and dignity. Therefore, we advise them and leadership teams to establish good corporate governance to deal with extreme uncertainty (VUCA), shift their mindsets and ambitions to develop sustainable strategies and innovative business models as well as high-performing organisations.

We accompany you to materialise economic, environmental, social and governmental (ESG) opportunities and risks, to deeply understand your customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders and to adapt to digitalisation and the convergence of industries in order to improve the future value for stakeholders, sustainability and resilience. We believe in a long-term perspective, the importance of a meaningful purpose, deep trust, structure and clarity and the superiority of diverse teams. Our passion is learning and dealing with people.

Our Advisory Focus

Broger Management Services Ltd. supports the non-executive and executive boards of medium to large sized organisations to create sustainable strategies, to successfully implement these strategies and to develop a high-performance culture in times of extreme volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). We specialise in the following areas:

  • setting the why: vision and purpose
  • development of corporate strategy, incorporating
    • sustainability strategy
    • ecosystem strategy and
    • digitalisation strategy
as well as its implementation with OKR (google method)
  • thinking in scenarios, future oriented, decision intelligence, blue ocean mindset
  • leadership, business transformation, change management and
  • high-performing organisations.

We focus on strategy, sustainability, leadership and organisation.

Your Benefits

Broger Management Services attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Thanks to a systematic approach and the development of tailor-made solutions, your benefits of appointing Broger Management Services are:

  • We work target-oriented with an entrepreneurial approach and strive for sustainable, measurable performance improvements.
  • We are personally committed to your success and are passionate about our work – let us inspire you.
  • Our systematic approaches, which are based on concepts from Harvard, IMD, the University of St. Gallen, Unilever or Procter & Gamble are practice-proven, and allow us to solve even complex problems.
  • From the beginning of a project, we integrate your teams and get their buy-ins for the projects.
  • This will help you to build trust amongst all stakeholders.
We support you in defining winning strategies and implementing the ideal corporate governance to achieve sustainable, profitable growth in times of extreme uncertainty.
Philosophy - Our Methodologies and Believes

Human’s intrinsically behavioural motivations have been the same since the existence of mankind and refer to a pattern of needs.[1] If one of the most basic needs of a person is not met, the person would feel dissatisfied, tense or even anxious. Therefore, the person would strive for an immediate improvement. The more information a person has, the more potential she or he can detect to achieve higher levels of satisfaction. As a result, different needs can coexist at the same time and dominate a person’s brain. Therefore,

  • companies should develop solutions to delight customers and give them values to better serve these ever-lasting human needs; so strategy considerations start with a deep customer understanding, or in the words of Jeff Bezos: “Customer Obsession”;[2]
  • companies should include the needs of further stakeholders and the environment. Different studies have shown a strong link between total return for stakeholders (ESG) and financial performance.[3]

We support you in balancing the interests of all stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the community or government.

Leaders from all kinds of industries are confronted with the severe disruptions caused by shocks. In 2008 it was the financial crisis, in 2020 COVID-19 hit, now we have to deal with the impacts of Russia’s war in the Ukraine. And as an omnipresent looming cloud on the horizon, climate change and other ESG risks threaten us. The new reality throws previously successful concepts and business models out of balance. The changes come along with and even accelerate the digital transformation. The faster the levels of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and digitalisation increase in an environment, the more

  • do technologies converge,
  • do industries collide, unbundle and recombine (is the name of an industry still valid after­wards? Which industry does Tesla belong to (cars?), Airbnb or Apple?). The boundaries be­tween industries are blurring or dissolving.

Once beloved products, services and systems can no longer deliver 100% satis­fac­tion. Was the average lifespan of companies from the S&P 500 between 30 and 35 years in the late 1970s, has it dramatically dropped to between 15 and 20 years in this decade.[4] Companies disappear from the S&P 500 list either because their company value decrease, they are merged or they go bankrupt. At the same time, the number of IT companies amongst S&P 500 grew from 16 in 1970 to 68 half a century later.[5]

ESG, digitalisation or industry convergence have reduced life expectancy for those companies that ignore these trends, but offer huge opportunities for those companies that adapt them.

Every generation of leaders is facing its unique sort of change in its business context. It is their key challenge to adapt to the resulting volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, short VUCA. In the past, it may have been sufficient to develop a strategy based on an environmental analysis of the last few months or years. But in so doing, the strategic options would be limited by lagging indicators about the environment; industry structure and customer behaviour would be taken as given and all competitors would try to capture a greater share of the same existing demand. The world would be supposed to stand still while a plan is being developed and to stay on the predicted course during implementation! As on the one hand magnitude and speed of change is so severe now, and on the other hand technologies and industries converge, companies must approach the future with agility and an open mindset, to adapt to new strategic options and improve their resilience.

We have an entrepreneurial approach, passion and are personally committed to your success.

In our perception, strategy development includes the integration of digital technology opportunities, ESG (sustainability strategy), innovative business models that are competitive without fighting against competition (blue ocean strategy) and the reflection on strong partnerships. We respect corporate heritage and love story-telling, nevertheless, we build the future based on future scenarios.

  • Understand your current business model; understand your customers and non-customers as well as your stakeholders; what is the owners’ strategy? Understand the relevance of your purpose and offer.
  • Develop scenarios based on future trends and drivers; select the most likely scenario and imagine its implications; identify diversification or core competence opportunities.
  • Define ambitions and guiding objectives.
  • Develop alternative strategic options to achieve your ambitions. Assess valuation implications. How will you create, capture and deliver value in the future? Which synergies can be leveraged?
  • Focus and chose the best option to achieve your desired future state.
  • Put the necessary resources and capabilities in place.
  • Lead and manage the implementation. Keep teams motivated, equipped and coordinated through OKR.
We are passionate about embedding material sustainable development goals into your company’s group strategy.

For the leadership and organisation development, we guide you through the following steps where needed:

  • Understand your current organisation structure, systems and processes; understand the lived culture, company energy and leadership styles.
  • Define or adjust corporate culture, leadership values, rules and practices based on your vision and purpose.
  • Develop alternative structure options based on your corporate strategy. Assess valuation implications. How will you deliver value in the future? Which synergies can be leveraged?
  • Choose the most effective and efficient structure, define or adapt systems and processes.
  • Put the necessary resources and capabilities in place.
  • Set up, publish and implement leadership routines. Keep teams motivated, equipped and coordinated through OKR.
  • Define consequences for keeping or not keeping the leadership and value commitments.

Our leadership approach depends strongly on the situation in which you are. Are you in a post-merger integration situation? Do you undergo digital transformation? Are you implementing a new strategy? Has your leadership team changed and would you like to launch new corporate governance, new values, a new culture? Therefore, we always start with some ground defining discussions.

One of our success factors is the integration of and close collaboration between all project teams and stakeholders.
Recent Projects
  • Developed and analysed group strategy options of leading European retailer; 
  • Screened and developed sustainability strategy of leading Swiss fashion retailer: Redefined purpose, defined material topics, growth opportunities, risk reduction, enhanced reputation, eco-efficiencies; circularity, innovation acceleration, diversity; launched road map and set up reporting recommendations (SDG, SASB, GRI, SBTi)
  • Lead development, launch (in UK) and roll-out (Europe) of a digital platform (IoT, Industry 4.0) on behalf of a global player of the hygiene industry ($ 8bn revenue); the supported management board won “President’s Award” for flawless execution
  • Set up portfolio growth strategy (multibrand) for a strategic business unit of a global leader of the food industry, leveraging synergies and building corporate competitiveness; developed and implemented innovative business models B2C and B2B
  • Diversification strategy and business model innovation for international health care producer
  • Built up fast-moving consumer goods business in Asian markets: Full business responsibility reporting to global company headquarter:
    • definition of regional ambition and development of affordable luxury strategy based on future scenarios
    • elaborated yearly budget in coordination with global headquarters and with market organisations
  • Lead and advised markets in rolling-out innovative food production technology to increase value creation and value capture in Europe; supervised and managed investments in fixed assets of this CHF 2.5bn business; member of a project team to
    leverage production synergies in Europe to improve bottom-line
  • Developed and implemented growth strategy for Central and Eastern European markets
    for a business of a technical consumer goods giant
  • Trainer and lecturer for ecosystem strategies
  • Conducted workshops to coach different clients in scenario thinking, decision intelligence and developing innovative business models (industries: consumer goods, retail bank, fintech)
  • Key leadership roles in the strategy development and post-merger integration of a consumer goods business into global leader of food industry; designed new organizational structure, processes and transformation roadmap and lead execution. Change management: Lead and developed teams into new culture and orchestrated transformation
  • Analysed governance practices, ethical corporate culture, human capital management, compensation and organisation composition / diversity of leading European retail group. Designed a high-performing organisation to respond to fast changing environment and shifting user requirements
  • Trusted leadership partner for the strategy implementation with OKR (Google method) to develop a high-performance culture and business agility in times of extreme uncertainty (intelligence, decision proficiency, executional excellence). Customers: Consumer goods, financial services
  • Built up fast-moving consumer goods business in Asian markets:
    • set up organisation, lead teams,
    • strategic co-steering and corporate communication strategy of country organisation,
    • established supportive ecosystem and trust with key internal and external stakeholders, trained and coached teams for further markets, built up winning team spirit and passion,
    • defined master risk list and risk management policy; established management information system and leadership tool.

“We advise organisations to establish good corporate governance to deal with extreme uncertainty, shift their mindsets and ambitions to develop sustainable strategies and high-performance cultures.”

In 2020, during and after the first Corona lock-down, we asked experts (leaders, board members) to assess future projections on strategic opportunities and challenges for consumer goods companies in the DACH region. The aim was to provide rich food for thought regarding the long-term impact of Covid-19 on the industry: Would consumer companies have to adapt their current framework of ambitions and objectives? Which value propositions and strategic options would seem most promising in terms of value creation and value capture in the New Normal? Which capabilities, resources and systems would therefore be required? The outcome became highly relevant. You can download a snapshot of some selected particularly valuable insights from this link. If you are interested in getting the full study report, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us
Founder and Managing Partner

Regula K. Broger founded Broger Management Services Ltd. in 2012, with the purpose to support organisations in creating sustainable prosperity and dignity.

Due to the unique combination of

  • over 20 years of international, multicultural leadership
    experience in the consumer goods industry (Nestlé, Unilever,
    Mondelez, Bosch, Clear Channel) as CEO, marketing or
    sales responsible in Europe and Asia
  • over 10 years of non-executive board and senior advisory expertise (Hair & Care, Isopin, Think Tank Thurgau, Skyadvisory), and
  • her solid and steadily developing educational background (master’s degree in business administration from HSG (University of St. Gallen) in 1997, Diplomas in Leadership from National University of Singapore (NUS) and HSG, Certificate in Corporate Governance from HSG, Certificate in Winning Sustainability Strategies from IMD)

she is recognised as trusted expert in developing and orchestrating sustainable growth strategies, winning business models as well as high-performing organisations – organisations who are excited to accelerate innovations (be it digital, sustainable, ecosystem-wise a.o.) and love to respond to a fast-changing environment and shifting user requirements.

In addition, Regula is Vice President of the Foundation Board of Think Tank Thurgau, member of the Competence Group Education of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Thurgau and an expert of the Asia Connect Centre of the University of St. Gallen (ACC-HSG).

Regula works in an international network with specialists whom she knows personally from previous joint roles or assignments. If required, these can be included in projects at any time. Our goal is your success.


I believe in a long-term perspective, the importance of meaningful purposes, deep trust, structure and clarity and the superiority of diverse teams. My passion is learning and dealing with people.

  • Key leadership roles in the strategy development and post-merger integration of Mövenpick Ice Cream business into Nestlé
  • Built up first Mövenpick business outside of Europe for Nestlé, based in Singapore. Established and implemented regional strategy
  • Guided Hair & Care Ltd. as Chairperson, built up ecosystem; elaborated vision, mission, strategy; organisational & financial set-up
  • Advised Sealedair Diversey in digital business transformation (IoT) (5y)
  • Developed sustainability strategy for leading Swiss fashion retailer

We always go the extra-mile to deliver the best possible results. We believe in life-long learning and the added value created by diverse teams. Therefore, we are in continuous exchange with numerous experts, ex-colleagues and friends and are members and attend assemblies, symposia and reunions of different organisations including:

  • Swiss Institute of Directors: siod.ch; Global Network of Director Institutes: gndi.org
  • HSG Alumni, HSG Alumni Senior Chapter, HSG Asia Alumni
  • IMD Alumni
  • Stars – leaders of the next generation (geopolitical network): the-stars.ch; alumna and friend
  • Unilever Alumni
  • IHK Thurgau